Adaab (Hello)! Welcome to Tanzeb!We are an organisation supporting women artisans skilled in the craft of 'Chikankari'. Our name Tanzeb is our tribute to Chikankari. Tanzeb is an important part of Chikankari craft, it refers to a colorless or pure white muslin cloth with intricate pure white cotton thread work. It is what gives Chikankari it’s uniqueness. For us at Tanzeb, it is the representation of our efforts in keeping this beautiful culture and craft of India alive by using the old techniques in making contemporary, sustainable products suiting to all age groups.

Meet Nidhi Bala

Nidhi Bala

Founder, Tanzeb

Meet Nidhi Bala - the face behind the birth of Tanzeb

A true Lucknavi by birth and from heart, Nidhi Bala believes that her upbringing has played a huge role in making her the person she is today. After pursuing her post graduation in Economics in 2000 and a Masters in Business Administration in 2003, she worked with different social ventures and spent time working in the US and South Korea.

These rich experiences opened her eyes to the fact that the Chikankari technique, which she has adored wearing since her Lucknow days, were being imitated and sold at unfair prices both in India and abroad. This was the trigger that made her want to do something to save the fading faces behind the art. She had no experience in this industry, yet she took the plunge, thus Tanzeb was born.

She spent a year and a half researching in villages on the outskirts of Lucknow, where she met hundreds of women artisans who had been practicing the craft without any recognition. Today, with Tanzeb, she has created a team of 40 who believe in creating quality products celebrating the history and beauty of Chikankari work.

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The legacy of Chikankari


The roots of the word Chikankari can be traced to Persian language, ‘Chikin’ in the Persian language means needlework on Tanzeb (colourless muslin). There are many stories about how and when Chikankari began, but the earliest reference dates back the 3rd Century BC when Greek traveller Megasthenes mentions Indians using flowered muslin cloth.

But there are other theories too that believe Chikankari was made popular by the Mughals. What makes Chikankari popular among the masses is the embroidery is crafted on muslin which is lightweight, breathable and does not stick to the body. Add to it the gorgeous motifs of flowers, leaves, trellis and paisleys across the body of the fabric. 

What we do at Tanzeb? 

Our endeavor at Tanzeb is to preserve and retain the quality of the Lucknow Chikankari craft, along with bringing positive changes in the social and economic conditions of the artisans. We believe our artisans are the true creators of Chikankari and we are here to give these artists the freedom to create masterpieces and get their rightful credit. 

Our Artisans                                     

The Chikankari industry is an old fragmented cluster where most artisans have been deprived of basic necessities including education and communication skills. Some of the biggest challenges we face, therefore, is the lack of self-confidence, motivation and discipline among the 'karigars' or artisans. Hence, our relentless effort is to empower them by providing stable employment, one-on-one attention and constant support, that goes beyond just work.

Our artisans are mainly women who want to be self-sufficient, support their families, and provide them with the basic facilities. These women are extremely talented and the best at Chikankari. They create intricate pieces of work with lots of love and passion. 

Our Customers

When you invest in a Chikankari product, you are not only investing in a product, but you are also investing in a piece of art. Each piece at Tanzeb is unique. Each stitch, even on the same design is handmade with love so no two items are the same. We take vested interest in our customers, and try our best to fulfill your requirements to the best of our ability. We love to incorporate your suggestions into our designs as well, that’s why we believe in giving personal touch through our custom orders and personalised fittings.

“Timeless classic embroidery in both traditional and contemporary cuts . A very commendable intiative also to revive traditional techniques which have almost disappeared and not seen in other Chikankari apparel, notably the Jawa . There is a lot of variety in terms of colour, embroideries, styles and types of apparel suited for every day wear and special occasions. What I liked most is the creativity as Nidhi has used motifs in ways and garments that have not been done earlier. The palette is both refreshingly different and familiar “

Jyoti Kalapa
Art connoisseur.

“Tanzeb’s chikankari pieces are stunningly beautiful! Each piece different; Nidhi and her team has the knowledge to lift a plain handloom weave to another level by using their expertise in Chikan embroidery. We love their work.”

Shilpa Chaturvedi
Founder director at theweaversco ,UK

'' I love the quality of the products at Tanzeb.the colours, the hand embroidery is simply elegant.they are made originally at Lucknow and are exclusive.You will not find anything like that in your local market.The design simply enhance your femininity.Also, the proceeds of the purchase are shared with the women in need.the best part is many of them get employed here. Best wishes! "

Neelima Tadepalli
television actress, Mumbai

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